1026 Faces Drawn by Stable-Diffusion: AI Beautiful Girl Icons for You

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Editor’s Note: A Conversation between kojirom and Liiza (ChatGPT-4)

kojirom: “Liiza, out of the blue, but can you turn Steve Jobs’ legendary speech into an enka-style lyric?”


In the pinnacle of this world, I step today,
Honored, I enter with a grateful sway.
Though I never walked the halls of academia,
Life has never brought me closer to its trivia.

Just three stories, allow me to unfold,
Beads of experience, memories that glowed.
To this glamorous stage where I stand today,
With a laugh, I say, nothing much held my sway.

kojirom: “Next, please do it in the style of Takashi Matsumoto.”


In the flow of time, like the wind so free,
Half a year past the college gates, I flee.
But you see, there was a dream I couldn’t cast away,
Even after dropping out, I lingered for a year and a half’s stay.

Why, you ask? A secret reason lies in my heart,
My future mother, an unwed student, played her part.
Without meeting, she chose me, a fate so grand,
Adoption was my destiny, brought by the wind’s hand.

kojirom: “Now, how about in the style of Kansai comedy?”

A: “So, listen up. I heard that Steve Jobs guy started talking about his unusual family story.”

B: “Oh? What’s the story?”

A: “Before he was born, his mom promised to entrust him to a college graduate.”

B: “That’s a nice story, but is that it?”

A: “No, no, that’s where the commotion starts. The lawyer couple she promised suddenly said, ‘Actually, we want a girl.'”

B: “What! So, what happened to Jobs?”

A: “In the middle of the night, another family gets a call, ‘A boy’s been born, how about it?'”

B: “And then what?”

A: “The new parents immediately said, ‘Of course!'”

B: “Really! That’s like a comedy sketch!”

A: “Right? Life’s just like a comedy show!”

kojirom: “Next, please do it in the style of Franz Kafka.”


Amidst the tangled threads of fate, the birth mother shattered the heavy silence, refusing to sign the adoption papers. To parents unadorned by academia, unfamiliar with the gates of learning, I was entrusted. But with one condition, a pact that would steer my destiny towards the halls of learning.

Years reversed their course, and at the age of 17, I stepped into the promised land of education. But it was a fortress of tuition, parallel to Stanford, a harsh battlefield demanding economic sacrifice from my working-class parents. And after half a year, I felt the balance of value and sacrifice in the world of academia wavering within me. It was too heavy, and I chose to leave that place.

kojirom: “Now, in the style of Mariko Hayashi.”


Back then, I had no clue what to do with my life. I thought college was just a place where old men went to make money. For me, the most important thing was sipping espresso in a stylish café.

I was just a student, yet I felt guilty for spending my parents’ hard-earned money without a second thought. Such extravagance, right? Young people only think about themselves.

But I decided to drop out. I kept telling myself, “It’ll work out somehow.” My heart wavered a bit, but looking back, it was the best decision of my life.

After dropping out, I didn’t have to attend boring classes anymore. I started sneaking into interesting ones, like a scene from a movie. Young people today might not understand, but you have to carve your own path.

kojirom: “Now, in the style of Hikaru Ijuin.”

So, changing the subject, it wasn’t all good, you know. I lost my room and had to sleep on friends’ floors. I collected 5 cents from returning Coke bottles to buy food. Hard for the Gen Z to imagine, right?

I walked 7 miles every week to the Krishna temple just for a hot meal. That’s like pitching a near no-hitter in baseball terms. And as a baseball fan, I actually enjoyed it.

So, the lectures I sneaked into really paid off later. The calligraphy class at Reed College was said to be the best in the country. It was worth a fortune, like owning a baseball team.

That’s what producer Ikeda said. But jokes aside, that class was truly amazing. What I learned there turned out to be a home run in my later life.

kojirom: “Finally, please conclude in a 5-7-5 syllable structure.”


Drawn to fine script,
Heart led to the art,
Path of beauty.