Specialized Model for Anime Illustration Generation: ‘Blazarot-BlazaRadiance’ [Stable Diffusion]

An anime-style illustration featuring a young woman wearing a blue tank top, gazing directly at the viewer with a soft and inviting expression. The background is adorned with light blue bubbles, enhancing her cheerful aura. Prominent text at the bottom reads "Blazarot" and "Blaza Radiance" in a sophisticated font, with the creator's signature "Sayl3s" included. The image conveys a sense of positive energy and creativity.
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Anime Model Masterpiece ‘Blazarot – BlazaRadiance’

Hello, I’m kojirom.
In my previous article, I introduced the Stable Diffusion model ‘Blazarot – Blazaroshi’, which specializes in semi-realistic illustration generation. This time, I will focus on its sister model, ‘Blazarot – BlazaRadiance’, and share detailed insights along with 12 generated images to showcase its appeal.

What is Blazarot – BlazaRadiance?

Blazarot – BlazaRadiance is a Stable Diffusion model that specializes in generating anime illustrations. It was created by the fusion of two models, Blazarot and AstreaPixieRadiance, at an equal ratio by the creator, Sayl3s.

Blazarot is a model that combines Kakarot2.5DCozy and BlazingDrive10g, known for its semi-realistic facial features and realistic body shapes. AstreaPixieRadiance is characterized by its bright lighting and vivid colors.

By blending these characteristics, Blazarot – BlazaRadiance achieves more anime-like facial expressions, bright colors, and clear line art.

Features of Blazarot – BlazaRadiance

The main features of Blazarot – BlazaRadiance are as follows:

  • Anime-like facial features and bright colors
  • Clear line art
  • Semi-realistic body shapes
  • Can beautifully generate landscapes and accessories as well

Usage Examples of Blazarot – BlazaRadiance

Blazarot – BlazaRadiance is ideal for the following applications:

  • Creation of original character illustrations
  • Creation of fanart illustrations
  • Creation of landscape illustrations
  • Creation of accessory illustrations

Blazarot – BlazaRadiance

Impressions from Actual Use

After actually using Blazarot – BlazaRadiance, I was impressed by the following:

  • Specialized in anime illustration generation, very user-friendly
  • Capable of creating various art styles, offering a rich variety
  • Easily generates high-quality illustrations

Below you will find 12 adult erotic images that we actually generated.
Please enjoy them!

A beautiful long-haired girl wearing only red panties stands shyly in the room.
A half-naked, big-breasted, pink-haired, twin-tailed beautiful girl is sitting on a bed. Her local area is hidden by a sunfish icon.

All illustrations are available for commercial use

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  • You are free to crop or edit these images as needed.
  • Illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.

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