Challenging 2.5D Erotic Image Generation with AniVerse using Stable Diffusion!

A close-up image of a young girl with large, expressive brown eyes, bathed in light. Her black, flowing hair is swept by the wind, accompanied by shimmering particles. The foreground features the title 'AniVerse', with 'creator: Samael1976' at the bottom. The visual demonstrates superb digital artistry.
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Hello, this is kojirom.
AniVerse is a Stable Diffusion model developed by Mr. Samael1976.
It is characterized by its ability to generate characters that resemble a midpoint between live-action and anime.

This is the third time I have introduced Mr. Samael1976’s model.

I believe this is the first time in this blog that we have featured three models from the same developer. It must be a testament to the high quality of Mr. Samael1976’s models.

In this article, I will introduce ten erotic images generated using AniVerse. I hope you can feel the potential of AI.

All illustrations are available for commercial use

  • Please be aware that some illustrations may have unfinished details, such as hands or fingers.
  • Feel free to crop or edit these images as needed.
  • We encourage you to fully express your creativity and use these illustrations with a free and imaginative approach.
  • The illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.


The following points apply to the images featured on this blog:

  • Certain icons are created by the administrator and are not generated by the Stable Diffusion model.
  • Adult content is censored with mosaic processing or covered with icons for legal compliance.

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