Generate sexy and cute anime illustrations with ‘HotaruBreed AnimeMix’ using Stable Diffusion!

An anime-style character is standing in a dimly lit room, adorned with short lavender hair, beast-like ears, and a black and gold outfit, sporting a gentle smile. Prominently featured on the left side of the image is the text "HotaruBreed" in large yellow letters, while the right side reads "AnimeMIX" in blue, and the creator's name "JujoHotaru" is displayed in smaller font.
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Hello, I’m kojirom.

I have introduced three models so far that specialize in capturing the cuteness of anime characters in the ‘HotaruBreed’ series.

HotaruBreed CuteMix

HotaruBreed RealMix – v4.0

PastelBreed – v2.0

This time, I’d like to introduce ‘HotaruBreed AnimeMix’, which focuses on TV anime, especially within the adult genre. This model was developed by JujoHotaru. Mr. JujoHotaru is not only involved in the creation of models but also participates in the development of many LoRAs, most of which have received high praise.

So, please enjoy the attractive and erotically cute images generated by ‘HotaruBreed AnimeMix’!

HotaruBreed AnimeMix

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  • The illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.


The following points apply to the images featured on this blog:

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