Delicate and Elegant Anime New World ‘FromNewWorld’ 【Stable Diffusion】

In a tranquil library, an elf with long ears reads a magical tome. Adorned with golden accents, her attire radiates with the soft glow of a candle, her eyes shimmering with a thirst for knowledge. The wand in her hand hints at a magic that leads into the world of stories.
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Hello, I’m kojirom.
In this post, I’ll be introducing the “FromNewWorld (自新大陆)” model from Stable Diffusion, which is particularly specialized in creating delicate and beautiful illustrations.

According to the creator, this model can produce soft, elegant tones and smooth lines. Originally, it was an experimental attempt made for personal use, but the creator was so attracted to its refined style that they decided to make it public.

It is said that using this model to generate character illustrations for “Arknights” and “Genshin Impact” yields better results, but theoretically, it should be compatible with characters from other anime works as well, according to the creator.

The name “FromNewWorld (自新大陆)” comes from the creator’s favorite symphonic poem by Dvořák, “From the New World.” This might reflect an attempt at new expressions and a match with the soft and delicate image.

Now, let’s take a look at the attractive adult images generated by the FromNewWorld model.

FromNewWorld (自新大陆)

A dark-haired woman in a navy blue sports bikini stands against a simple background. Her large eyes and healthy skin glow in the gentle light.

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