HIJKLMix Anime’s Much-Anticipated Version Upgrade! Tried Generating Erotic Anime Girl Images with the Latest AI

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Hello, this is kojirom.

There’s exciting news about the popular “HIJKLMix” series. This series consists of three variations:

  • Plain
  • 2.5D
  • Anime
    And this time, the “Anime” model has been updated to a new version. I couldn’t resist giving it a try.

I’ve immediately put this latest model to the test in image creation. The results are posted below, so please take a look.

Now, the name “HIJKLMix” might seem a bit complex at first glance. But upon closer inspection, you’ll notice it’s just the alphabet in sequence. In fact, it’s quite an easy name to remember. Plus, if you’re using a QWERTY keyboard, it’s even easier to type.

Just a bit of trivia there. Now, please enjoy the main event: the images!

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