In-Depth Comparison of the Six Latest Stable Diffusion Models Including ARKirkwooD

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Creative Challenge: Generating Illustrations with Three Unique Themes

Hello, I’m kojirom.
Today, I compared six of the latest models.

In-Depth Comparison of the Six Latest Stable Diffusion Models

Tank Top Girl, Competitive Swimsuit Woman, and Man Eating Ramen

・Tank Top Girl
・Woman in a Competitive Swimsuit
・80-year-old Japanese Man Eating Ramen

For these three themes, I had about 50 images generated for each.
Ramen is incredibly challenging.
Chopsticks, fingers, noodles, etc., are all difficult elements for AI.
But that also makes it an excellent subject to measure the capabilities of the models.

Personally, I liked modelpro.
For those who prefer women with larger busts, ravmix is a must.

The Model with the Highest Number of Downloads at Present

By the way, in terms of current download numbers,
is in first place,
followed by
Ether Blu Mix
and RavMix.

Please find the model you like and feel free to use it for your, ahem, artistic… I mean, for neighborhood association flyers or club announcements.

Illustration Gallery: (306 Images)

AnDerrated – v2.0

ARKirkwooD – v1.0

Ether Blu Mix – Ether Blue Mix 6

Hellaine Mix – v1.5

modelpro – v1.0

RavMix – RavMix FR

  • The illustrations featured on this site are available for commercial use.
  • Some illustrations may have incomplete details, such as hands and fingers. We ask for your understanding.
  • When using them, please trim or modify them as necessary.
  • We encourage you to fully utilize your creativity and freely use these illustrations to your advantage.


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