Overwhelming Versatility! The Charm of Stable Diffusion Model ‘AnyLoRA-Checkpoint’

A close-up image of a young woman in anime style with the text "AnyLoRA - Checkpoint" prominently displayed, followed by "creator: Lykon" below. She has brown twin-tail hair, large blue eyes, and her cheeks are slightly blushed, portraying an innocent expression.
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The Ideal Neutral Model for Training with the LoRA Extension

Hello, I’m kojirom.
For Stable Diffusion users, LoRA (Low Rank Adaptation) is an attractive feature that broadens the scope of generated images. And gaining attention as the ideal model for LoRA training is “AnyLoRA-Checkpoint”.

Explanation by the Creator, Lykon

According to the creator, Lykon, the AnyLoRA-Checkpoint model has the following characteristics:

  • Specialized in generating images of anime, illustrations, and comics
  • Neutral in nature, adaptable to any style
  • More efficient LoRA training than the NAI model
  • Recommends using high-quality VAE to maintain the saturation of generated images
  • Low-memory design, accessible even in low-spec environments


AnyLoRA – Checkpoint – bakedVae (blessed) fp16 Pruned
AnyLoRA – Checkpoint – bakedVae (blessed) fp16 Pruned | Stable Diffusion Checkpoint | Civitai
[Author = Lykon]

Experience Its Charm with 13 Erotic Images

Now, let me introduce you to 13 erotic images generated by AnyLoRA-Checkpoint.
Please enjoy the charm of this model!

A beautiful girl with pink hair and eyes has a black see-through tank top pulled up to her lower chest. Her nipples are transparent.
A nude couple with an age difference is hugging and kissing each other naked on a bed. Their private parts are covered by a banana icon.
A beautiful girl with long hair and elf ears is naked in the shallows of a swamp, being groped by countless tentacles. The area is hidden by an icon of a man's face with a shaved head.

All illustrations are available for commercial use

  • Please be aware that some illustrations may have unfinished details, such as hands or fingers.
  • Feel free to crop or edit these images as needed.
  • We encourage you to fully express your creativity and use these illustrations with a free and imaginative approach.
  • The illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.


The following points apply to the images featured on this blog:

  • Certain icons are created by the administrator and are not generated by the Stable Diffusion model.
  • Adult content is censored with mosaic processing or covered with icons for legal compliance.