Realistic and Anime Fusion ‘Purified Soul’. 10 Adult Illustrations Revealed [Stable Diffusion]

An illustration of a girl sitting in a classroom with a blackboard behind her. She is looking sideways, supporting her cheek with her right hand. On the blackboard, the words "creator: Woodatom" and "Purified soul" are written, conveying her calm expression and a soft ambiance. She is dressed in a traditional sailor uniform, featuring a side-tailed hairstyle with black hair.
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Hello, this is kojirom.
Today, I would like to introduce the Stable Diffusion model ‘Purified soul’. This innovative AI model can generate ‘semi-realistic’ illustrations that are a fusion of live-action and animation.

However, the allure of ‘Purified Soul’ does not end there. The greatest feature of this model is its ability to create very attractive expressions. Expressions so vivid, it’s as if the soul is embodied in them, captivating anyone who sees them.
Now, please take a look at the adult images I have generated!

Purified soul

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