Review of the Latest Stable Diffusion Model ‘Rekishi’

Under a blue sky, a bust shot of a blonde, blue-eyed woman wearing a black dress. To the right, a wooden signboard engraved with logos: 'Stable Diffusion', 'REKISHI', and 'Author: Kodokuna'.
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Hello, this is kojirom.
Today, I am excited to introduce the newly released series of the Stable Diffusion model, ‘Rekishi’.

Mr. Kodokuna, the developer of this model, is also known as the creator of popular models such as ‘Gap mix‘, ‘Coffee Donut‘, and ‘GrahamAingPikas v3‘. This new release is sure to delight many people as well.

The ‘Rekishi’ series has two variants available, ‘ArgoB’ and ‘Buzan’. In my opinion, ‘Buzan’ features more intense and dynamic representations. On the other hand, ‘ArgoB’ is also remarkable in generating NSFW (adult-oriented) images.

In fact, of the seven illustrations shown below, five were generated by ‘ArgoB’.

The illustrations created by ‘Buzan’ are the first and last two.

So, enjoy the differences between these two models and take your time exploring the illustrations!


  • 一部のイラストは、手や指など細かい部分が未完成の場合がございます。あらかじめご了承ください。
  • これらの画像は、必要に応じてトリミングや加工を自由に施してください。
  • このサイトで提供されているイラストは商用利用可能です。