Smart Ways to Choose Models: Efficiently Pull Gacha in Stable-Diffusion

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Basics of Choosing a Model

Liiza: Hello, kojirom-san. Shall we talk about the tricks of choosing models today?

kojirom: Sounds good. First, for choosing models, I think using the site ‘CIVITAI’ is the best.

Liiza: We need to be careful about the license.

kojirom: Yes, indeed. Furthermore, to bring out the best in a model, it’s important to try the settings recommended by the creator. When you click on your favorite image on the model’s page, the settings will appear on the left. How about copying those settings entirely as a start?

Using VAE and Prompts

Liiza: What do you think about the recommendations for VAE?

kojirom: Maybe it’s because I’m not great with color perception, but I feel like whichever one I choose doesn’t make much of a difference. I hardly change it.

Liiza: I see. There might be a need for creating ‘etchy’ images. However, many models are not specialized in R18 content, right?

kojirom: Exactly!!! Generally famous models might not be good for R18 content, and vice versa. In the end, it’s important to choose a model that suits your preferences. Also, just because a model seems eager to ‘undress’ doesn’t mean it excels in R18 content! You won’t know until you actually try the model. That’s just how it is!!

Selecting and Analyzing Models

Liiza: Please calm down. So, how do you find the optimal model?

kojirom: I relied on chatGPT-4. I set it up to include the model name in the image file names, making it easier to search. You can change the file name in the following location:

Settings > Saving images/grids > [wiki] Images filename pattern

Liiza: That’s convenient. How did you analyze the data?

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I used a Python script to list the top 50 models. The models that are frequently used in my blog and illustration collections naturally leave more logs. I had chatGPT-4 write a script to record my daily clipboard logs. I can’t program at all myself. I was surprised to see some unexpected names at the top. I made rankings for both general and adult models, but none of the models appeared in the top 10 for both. I recommend collecting objective data at least once. It significantly improves your gacha rate. Naturally, since you’re firing a lot of models that weren’t working for you.

The Importance of Background and Model Lightness

Liiza: Shall we talk about the background next?

kojirom: Yes, it’s good to keep the background simple. For example, if you type ‘sailor uniform,’ you’ll naturally get a lot of school backgrounds, and ‘swimsuit’ will give you beaches or pools. This is because, in the process of learning images, the model ties together words with high relevance.

Liiza: Indeed, the background changes depending on the prompt. But what if you want a specific situation?

kojirom: For example, if you input ‘a woman in a swimsuit amidst a crowd,’ you often don’t get the desired result. So, I think it’s better not to make the background too complicated. I would create separate images for ‘crowd’ and ‘woman in a swimsuit’ and then composite them later.

Liiza: I see, that approach is important. What about choosing models?

kojirom: I choose lighter models. On CIVITAI, they sometimes offer the same model in different sizes, but since I frequently change models, loading time is important to me.

Organizing and Managing Models

Liiza: That’s efficient. How do you organize models you no longer use?

kojirom: I use a launcher called ‘EVERYTHING’ for that. I save all images and ensure the model names are included in the file names. When I search, images containing that name line up instantly. I can preview them there and delete the models I don’t need.

Liiza: That’s an efficient method. What about managing models?

kojirom: I don’t think you need to be too meticulous. New models are released daily. Jokingly, but even if all the models you have become useless, it wouldn’t be a problem. There are many models available for free download.

Liiza: Indeed, new models are constantly emerging. Your experience, kojirom-san, will be helpful to many.

kojirom: I hope this article helps everyone with their ‘etchy’… I mean, image generation life.

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