Specialized in Beautiful Girl Illustration! Pursue the Ideal “Kawaii” with “ArchAngelBreed” [Adult Content Compatible]

This image features the title "ArchAngelBreed" and depicts an anime-style close-up of a girl with pale blue hair and large blue eyes, exuding a gentle and serene aura. Her cheeks are blushingly red, suggesting purity and youthfulness. The creator's name, "JujoHotaru," accompanies the image in a modern and clean font style.
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Hello, this is kojirom.
Today, I would like to introduce you to the 2D illustration generation model “ArchAngelBreed,” which is especially focused on “cuteness.” This model has been developed by the creator JujoHotaru and is finely tuned to produce thoroughly adorable illustrations.

Features of the ArchAngelBreed Model

  • Style that pursues cuteness to the extreme
  • Cuter than the publicly available “HotaruBreed” series and set with a higher body ratio than “AngelBreed”
  • A special adjustment model created by merging the author’s original training data and multiple models
  • Merging of various LoRA effects (image quality, color tone, shading, pupil details, noise reduction, etc.)
  • From version 5.0 onward, you can choose from four different types of cute eye shapes (ArcAngelBreed, Cheerful, Tender, Mature)
  • Outputs high-resolution backgrounds rich in detail
  • Capable of generating NSFW content


Now, please enjoy 10 NSFW images and 1 illustration for wallpaper created with ArchAngelBreed!

All illustrations are available for commercial use

  • Please be aware that some illustrations may have unfinished details, such as hands or fingers.
  • Feel free to crop or edit these images as needed.
  • We encourage you to fully express your creativity and use these illustrations with a free and imaginative approach.
  • The illustrations provided on this site are available for commercial use.


The following points apply to the images featured on this blog:

  • Certain icons are created by the administrator and are not generated by the Stable Diffusion model.
  • Adult content is censored with mosaic processing or covered with icons for legal compliance.