The Charm of Realistic Models in Stable Diffusion’s ‘CuteHeaven’

Under a blue sky where the horizon is faintly tinged with sunset, a woman sits along a brick wall with mountains and a lake in the background. On the left is the logo 'CuteHeaven,' 'Author: SXXVFDE'.
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Hello, this is kojirom.
Today, I’m excited to announce the latest version upgrade of the immensely popular image generation model ‘CuteHeaven’.
This model will undoubtedly delight those who love realistic-style images as well as fans of anime style.

A noteworthy feature is the high generation rate of characters with black hair, despite their Western-style facial features.
This is particularly appealing to fans of Asian-style realism. You can easily get closer to your ideal character without needing to specify detailed prompts.

So, please enjoy the brilliantly beautiful characters created by ‘CuteHeaven’.

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